R-PM Heater - Permanent magnet induction heater for aluminum extrusion

Randax Ltd is agent and representative of R-PM Heater in European market. R-PM Heater (R-PMH) is developed by Shanghai Realman Energy Technology Co., Ltd (SHRET) in China. R-PMH product is result of long term development work of SHRET together with European physicists and Randax as a developer for the electric PM motors of the heater. SHRET was founded in 2005 and it is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, China, focused on clean energy and intelligent manufacturing for international technology companies.

Permanent magnet induction heater offers unsurpassed efficiency compared to conventional heating methods. In R-PMH electricity is used only for automation and to run the PM Motor with hollow shaft. Aluminum heating itself is done by rotating heating permanent magnets inside the hollow shaft.

  • R-PMH operates with much higher energy efficiency level of 80 %, compared to gas ovens or induction heaters that operate with efficiency levels of 35% - 50%. This essentially halves power consumption and generates substantial savings in energy costs.

R-PMH as the world's unique and compact aluminum billet heater, providing more precise temperature control and perfectly linear gradient heating.

  • In Isothermal Extrusion (IE), axial temperature gradient / taper of R-PMH is very accurate and this way improves customer’s product quality and productivity. In optimal case, customer’s extrusion press capacity can be increased by up to 25%.
  • R-PMH requires only small floor space in customer’s factory and can handle both, soft alloys as well as hard alloys.
  • SHRET is having several references about the running heaters with proven track record of excellent performance. More information about the R-PMH references from Randax Ltd. 

Project equipment

Permanent magnet heater R-PMH 

Traditional induction heater

Energy efficiency

85% 50%-60%

Energy consumption (20 -> 480°C )

170 kWh/ton ≥ 280 kWh/ton


2-3 min / billet  2-3 min / billet    

The temperature gradient

Linear Nonlinear

The cooling water

bit lot

Motor speed

600~1100 rpm/min /

Maintenance time

<2h >24h (discontinued losses Large)

Power supply

380V AC High power transformers required (additional cost)

Type of motor

High efficient Randax PM motor (eff. 96.7%) /
Installed power ratio 60% 100%

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