Propulsion motors

Randax has developed wide series of compact size and low weight liquid-cooled PM motors for electric propulsion. Power range is 10 – 3 000 kW and motors are to be used for electric or hybrid propulsion of the ships and boats. Randax® PM propulsion motor can be delivered with normal solid shaft or hollow shaft and always includes customized connection flange and mounting accessories.

Randax® PM propulsion motors can be used as a direct drive motor for speed level of 300 – 1 200 rpm or with the gear for 1 500 – 2 500 rpm speeds. Randax motor can be also delivered as a customized Stator & Rotor unit, which can be installed to customers’ existing propulsion pod frame.

More detailed technical specification about the each motor is provided within the case by case offer.

Benefits of Randax® PM propulsion motor:

  • Compact size and low weight due to PM technology
  • More reliable and less maintenance due to direct drive integration to driven equipment
  • Customized frame and materials to withstand harsh conditions
  • Customized Stator & Rotor units which can be installed to customers’ existing frame / propulsion pod
  • Water tightness is guaranteed by VPI treatment for all stator-rotor components and epoxy resin filling for stator windings
  • All coolant options available according to customer need, e.g. surrounding water can work as a cooling media