Blower motors

Randax has developed many advanced and innovative motor and generator solutions for blowers, compressors and renewable power generation applications. Solutions with power range of 10 – 500 kW and speed range of 500 – 10 000 rpm. Motors are equipped with steel or aluminum frame or air or liquid cooling.

Reference case:

Hermetic nitrogen blower motor

Randax has developed a hermetic nitrogen blower for Maillefer Oy, a global market leader in cable manufacturing equipment and systems. Nitrogen gas is used in the cable manufacturing process as a shielding gas, for example. The nitrogen blower transfers the nitrogen gas at a pressure of approx. 10 bar to the necessary points of the cable manufacturing process. The gas is at high pressure and contains small molecules, which sets high requirements for the blower. A high operating pressure requires a blower with a rigid structure, and the connections need to be tight in order to avoid leaks. The nitrogen blower is a key component in the cable manufacturing process.

In conventional blower solutions, continuous servicing has been required to ensure the durability and reliability of the dynamic seal, since the blower impeller is routed through the pressurised space and closed off with the seal. The blower motor has been located outside the pressurised space at atmospheric pressure.

The newly developed Randax® blower motor completely eliminates the need for a dynamic seal. The motor has been made hermetic and pressure resistant, which allows the process gas to enter it. Randax blower motor is having following key benefits:

 High reliability, no maintenance

  • No dynamic seal and related lubrication systems

Extremely quiet and stable operation

  • Rigid bearings and robust structure


  • Permanent magnet motor with high efficiency and no dynamic seal and related energy waste