Randax Oy

Randax Oy was founded in 2006, for the development and commercialisation of a product idea by electrical engineer Matti Rantapää, for a new type of freely scalable electric motor based on a sheet steel structure. The Randax approach was an excellent fit with the market’s need for special electric machines based on permanent magnet technology.

Between 2006 and 2012, Randax focused on product development only. The aim was to ensure that the motors under development would include the full range of innovative solutions emerging from the founder’s long experience and provide customers with a major competitive edge.

At Randax Oy, we continue to have a strong focus on the continuous development of our products. Our advanced electrical technology solutions are the result of thorough research, development and testing. We cooperate with the leading research institutions in the field. Close cooperation in R&D enables continuous product development, the use of the latest technologies on the market, and the performance of testing and pilot projects in actual equipment operating environments.

During the company’s early years, it developed and delivered electric power transmission systems for a catamaran cruise ship and an electric car, for example. In recent years, industrial system and equipment manufacturers's have become Randax’s main customer segment. These are being joined by new and emerging customer segments – manufacturers of marine and vehicle motor systems, as well as power generation systems.

We have extensive experience of manufacturing electric motors together with our manufacturing partner Sähkö-Rantek Oy. Our strategic partnerships combine sectoral expertise and state-of-the-art technology with over two decades of flexible production and manufacturing experience in the creation of seamless, pioneering solutions.

Randax Oy is currently developing and delivering integrated, energy-efficient electric technology solutions for its customers. In addition to strong technological expertise, our activities are guided by the desire and ability to understand the needs of diverse customer groups. We foster our customers’ productivity, reliability and competitiveness by offering tailor-made, sustainable solutions that lower the lifecycle costs of the customer’s overall system and reduce the environmental impacts of its operations.