Pump motors

Integrated Randax® special pump motor

The hygienic SHS is specially designed for demanding pumping applications in the process industry, which require high process purity and reliability. The SHS is the result of three-way development cooperation between Wetend Technologies, the manufacturer of TrumpJet® flash-mixing process systems, the process pump manufacturer Sulzer, and the special motor manufacturer Randax.

Placing the TrumpJet® flash-mixing systems in exactly the right place in the manufacturing process is of primary importance to the system’s optimal operation. For example, the chemical mixing systems in paper machines are usually installed inside the headbox supply pipe. This makes most installation locations cramped and challenging. Such conditions practically rule out traditional pump and motor technologies, or make them impractical. Developed based on cooperation between several companies and equipped with a fully integrated Randax® motor, the new SHS injection pump is the best solution.

Randax® motor technology enables the building of a sufficiently compact, light, economical and efficient integrated motor solution to fulfil the requirements of the SHS injection pump. The motor design takes account of the demanding conditions and operation of the frequency converter, on the basis of high-quality reinforced isolation, advanced VPI impregnation and corrosion-resistant materials.

SHS-motor type 




Nominal current

23,5 A   46,0 A   69,0 A

Nominal voltage 

400 VAC   400 VAC   400 VAC  

Nominal frequency 

205 Hz     205 Hz     205 Hz    

Rotation speed

4100 RPM 4100 RPM 4100 RPM

Nominal power

15 kW    30 kW 45 kW

Nominal torque

35,0 Nm  70,0 Nm   105 Nm


94 %  96 %   97%


48 kg 66 kg 85 kg

Frame material    

Stainless steel  Stainless steel Stainless steel