Randax® cooperation concept

We manufacture permanent magnet motors and generators designed for the needs of our customers. In every case, the dimensioning and manufacture of these machines takes account of the customer’s needs. Due to their excellent adaptability and structural characteristics, Randax electric motors and generators are suitable for a wide range of uses and conditions. These permanent magnet motors and generators are easy to integrate with the driven equipment.

Randax® Product examples

Propulsion motors

Randax has developed wide series of compact size and low weight liquid-cooled PM motors for electric propulsion. Power range is 10 – 3 000 kW and motors are to be used for electric or hybrid propulsion of the ships and boats.

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Liquid cooled motor solutions

Randax® has developed new series of liquid-cooled electrical motors for power range of 45 – 500 kW. Liquid-cooled electrical machines offer a great option to air -cooled if cooling liquid is already available on the application site.

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Pump motors

Randax® motor technology enables the construction of a sufficiently compact, light, economical and efficient integrated motor solution that meets the demands of various pumps!

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Blower motors

A high-efficiency and reliable permanent magnet motor enables the building of energy-efficient motor applications for a range of blower solutions. Such a motor can be made quiet and stable, even at very high speeds!

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Special motors for equipment manufacturers

Randax® motors are designed to meet customer needs, enabling the achievement of space and energy saving solutions. By taking account of the special requirements set by the customer’s processes and equipment interfaces, overall cost reductions can be achieved in the customer’s product!

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Roll motors

The precise speed adjustment of the Randax® direct drive motor ensures good end-product quality, while the elimination of belt drive maintenance and adjustment reduces maintenance costs. The motor is preinstalled on the roll and can fit inside cramped spaces, since no separate adjustable platforms or foundations are required!

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Permanent magnet synchronous motor


100 – 25 000 rpm


5 – 3 000 kW


According to class IE4


230 – 1 000 V


Air or liquid cooled

Frame material:

Can be selected in accordance with its intended use

Randax® electrical machines are tailored according to the requirements of the customer and the application, providing the customer with freedom in product design. In every case, this means that the frame materials, connecting flanges etc. are specified in cooperation with the customer.

The motors or generators are based on permanent magnet technology and are always controlled by frequency converters. Their efficiency is always in the highest category, IE4, and they are available in water or air-cooled versions.

The power and speed of the motor are designed according to customer requirements, from small motors of only a few kilowatts up to 3 MW, and from speeds of around 100 rpm to high speed (> 25,000 rpm) motors.