Manufacturers and designers can gain a range of benefits by incorporating reliable Randax® motors in their equipment:

Compact and light


For demanding conditions

Freedom in equipment design

Randax® motors are much lighter and smaller than cage induction motors (see comparison table)

 Integration allows motors to be placed very close to the driven equipment, which creates a compact machine unit

 No separate supports or platforms are required

 The efficiency of Randax® motors is in class IE4 – generally > 94%

 Simpler machine units increase energy-efficiency 

 Power losses from the machine unit can be reduced by over 50%

 Synchronous motors allow precise speed adjustment by means of frequency converter operation

 Randax motors are made of stainless steels, enabling them to withstand harsh conditions

 Versatile cooling medium and material choices

 Liquid cooled Randax® electric machines are ideally suited to hot, damp or dirty operating environments

 Operation of the equipment can be improved when standard-sized frames or the properties of standard motors are no longer a limiting factor in design

 Integration allows the motor to become part of the driven equipment

 The motor can be placed very close to the driven equipment

Comparison: Randax VS Induction motor


Power [kW]

Speed [rpm]

Efficiency [%]

Current [A]

Torque [Nm]

Mass [kg]

Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Height [mm]

45 3000 94,4 (IE3) 78 145 370 835 450 570
45 3000 97,4 68 143 75 440 283 372

Integration provides major benefits:

  • No belt drives, gearboxes or couplers are required
  • Provides new freedom in equipment placement and design
  • Increased energy-efficiency
  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Machine unit takes less space
  • No separate motor supports required
  • ‌The motor is quick and easy to install